Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Birthday my Friend

Highschool classmate with the Celebrant
It’s your 22 birthday! Im so glad you still invited me for your special day. It’s been 8 years of friendship, sharing our deepest dreams, jokes, and working experience and a lot more.  Every year we’ve come for your special celebration because you invited a lot of boys which is we‘ve enjoy. I hope you a safe journey in your life, healthy lifestyle, love life, stable financial needs. Be happy of every blessing that you’ve got, because you deserve it. Thank you for 8 years of friendship, I really cherished it. Though we are not in same course we still had to have little chit chat in our previous university.  

My crush

Monday, December 9, 2013

TV Series _Game of Thrones

Lately I was hooked by American TV Series entitled “Game of Thrones”. My officemates really loved this TV Series and they talk about the famous characters, lines and picturesque of the battle field. So I decided to watch this series. I bought 1 DVD at the bazaar in Antipolo City, this DVD contains the 10 chapters of Season 1.  Upon watching this series, I feel the excitement of every end of the chapter. I love the story: Love, despair, agony, betrayal, sins, battle, justice, family, clan, and power. It exhibits the history of power against other nations and diction of fix marriage among families or allies to engulf their sovereignty. After the Season I jumped into season 2 then on season 3, and finally waiting for season 4. 

I don’t want to elaborate the whole story; I just want to give complement to the writers, actors, and director of this TV Series.  After watching the Season 1, 2 and 3, I was inspired of being independent in my own decision. To choose what I wanted towards my sexual reference. It also emulates the status quo of politics. Corruption and Betrayal among leaders.  Traitor and scum to protect one’s dignity and glory.

This TV Series divulge gay relationship exist during that era. That love among men is usual, it’s not a mortal sin, it’s not psychological disorder. It’s just the way of expressing the true meaning of love with no boundaries. That love means power.  I wish I live in that era; maybe I just want to feel the same feeling of being loved by other man. Yes, I’m gay and I proud of it.  Lastly, I excited for the coming season 4, I really can wait because I’m a certified big fan!

Fashion for Less

Last week I’ve been in  168 Mall, 999 Mall and Tutuban Mall  in Manila. Before I go to Bazaar I  do make sure I have  list of items/ costume that I need to buy in  much as possible with target price so that I can maximize the money that I  had.  

Here’s my fashion list:

  •       Shoes- Hi cut- suits for formal and casual fashion style

Php. 950.00 at Shoelution 168 Mall Botique

  •    Polo Short- Perfect combination of checkered Black Polo and Blue blazer.  Suits for my daily office get up.

Php. 200.00 @ Mogao Tutuban Mall

  •   Black Wrist watch

Php. 100.00 with Free 1 battery.  Suits for formal or smart casual get up

  •    Bracelet- for Christmas party get up

Php. 55.00 (5 pieces  of Gold bracelet) suits for black stunning dress.

  • .       Ring-Punk fashion for all occasion 
Php. 100.00 for 3 peces, suits for  punk and rebel fashion style

  • .       Bag

Php. 150.00 at Tutuban Mall  suits for formal  office days

  • .     Brown Skinny Pants
Php. 500.00 at Tutuban Mall, suit for formal occasion.

Luckily, I got the things that I wanted. Everything looks great   in a perfect combination of Checkered Polo with matching blue blazer and brown pants.  Actually I used these items in my formal office days, and my officemate won’t believe that I bought these items in Bazaar. As I say, it’s the way you carry yourself and be comfy to flaunt your style. Because your style tells who you are.  Just keep in mind that I can be fashionable in my own way with of course in an inexpensive way.  I proved them even my get up are from Divisoria I still standout against others. I just know how to mix and match plus accessories is the key to success for a fashionable you. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Acne 101 version 2.0

Acne is one my problem during my puberty stage, but until now still it exists. I just want know on how to control or eliminate this acne blemishes and scars. I used commercial products like ponds, dove and eskinol  but nothing happens. I’m very conscious on my face I think it’s very sensitive but I continually do self medication. It’s the wrong way that I did in my life, to do things without proper knowledge on how to cure this acne.

Last month I consult I dermatologist in Borough medical clinic at Eastwood Quezon city.  The Doctor said, my acne was not severe at all, it was already healed and all I need is to eliminate those acne marks. And she suggested to use cream or lotion that contains SPF during morning and at night use whitening cream.  I wish this SPF and whitening cream will be my answered prayer.  Aside from that the doctor agreed that I may still continue to used Celeteque Facial wash and Moisturizer.

Book @ Php. 25.00 (National Book Store)

Along with my curiosity and search for acne resolution, I go to National Book Store Gateway Cubao Branch to find a book about acne. This store used an automated computer to locate the specific subject that you need. Luckily, they have one available book for only Php. 25.00. This book contains information that you need about pimples, the author also provide home remedies or Do it yourself medication.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Throw back Thursday_College Crush

It’s a throwback Thursday. The best thing to share is my college crushes which I truly adore.  While surfing and looking back my facebook account, I saw this picture that I saved in my photo album. Pictures that I keep secretly but now revealed. Actually, this photo is not mine; I got this picture from his Facebook account. This guy is from Philippine Maritime Academy (PMA) and we have common friend which is my classmate in high school at Antipolo City.
Stolen Picture from his FB Account

 As I see his Facebook account my eyes caught this handsome guy which is I feel the blush in my cheeks, then I added him in my friend list, Luckily he accepted my friend request.  As days goes by I always visited his account and I also has a chance to have a little chit chat with him. The most remarkable was birthday massage posted in my wall. A simple message that makes my birthday complete.  I don’t know why I should pose this, maybe it’s because I’m just a human being who adulates the beautiful creation of our dear creator.  I’m just a gay who adore someone like him.

Birthday Message

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


It’s hard to go to work if you know to yourself that you need an adequate 8 hours of sleep.  Honestly, sleeping is one of my hobbies; I consumed 12 hours of sleep during weekends. Yesterday I have to submit our report to my boss and I need to render my excess time to finish my report on time, because of that I left the office at 2:00am but I go back to our office and decided to sleep in my working cubicle. Though the company provided Sleeping area/lounge for agents and other staff but at that moment it is fully occupied.   I have no choice but to sleep in my table. So I wake up at 5:30am and decided to go home to take a bath. Oh my gosh, my schedule for today is 8:00am, I reached our house at 6:15am and take a bath for only 15 minutes , then it’s time to go back to work. Thank God I made on time. Thank God it’s Thursday no heavy traffic along my way.  In a moment, I ask myself if I’m workaholic. Or I just do my task as an employee aligned in my duties and responsibilities?   Or simply I loved my WORK. 

Over Time

Today is our deadline in our respective AR Accounts. I’ve been here in the company for almost 8 months, and these 8 months is very routinely.  We do confidential transaction to meet the corporate satisfaction and business profitability.  I always sacrifice my first week of the month to meet the required reports.  But if I look into positive sides, we have budget allowance if we render overtime, our over stayed hours in the office are paid accurately based on our time keeping, and this over time are allotted to pay my cut-off taxes. Time check its 10:15pm Philippine time; hope I can finish it within today. I hope I’m still alive; more coffee more fun.