Thursday, December 5, 2013

Throw back Thursday_College Crush

It’s a throwback Thursday. The best thing to share is my college crushes which I truly adore.  While surfing and looking back my facebook account, I saw this picture that I saved in my photo album. Pictures that I keep secretly but now revealed. Actually, this photo is not mine; I got this picture from his Facebook account. This guy is from Philippine Maritime Academy (PMA) and we have common friend which is my classmate in high school at Antipolo City.
Stolen Picture from his FB Account

 As I see his Facebook account my eyes caught this handsome guy which is I feel the blush in my cheeks, then I added him in my friend list, Luckily he accepted my friend request.  As days goes by I always visited his account and I also has a chance to have a little chit chat with him. The most remarkable was birthday massage posted in my wall. A simple message that makes my birthday complete.  I don’t know why I should pose this, maybe it’s because I’m just a human being who adulates the beautiful creation of our dear creator.  I’m just a gay who adore someone like him.

Birthday Message