Monday, December 9, 2013

TV Series _Game of Thrones

Lately I was hooked by American TV Series entitled “Game of Thrones”. My officemates really loved this TV Series and they talk about the famous characters, lines and picturesque of the battle field. So I decided to watch this series. I bought 1 DVD at the bazaar in Antipolo City, this DVD contains the 10 chapters of Season 1.  Upon watching this series, I feel the excitement of every end of the chapter. I love the story: Love, despair, agony, betrayal, sins, battle, justice, family, clan, and power. It exhibits the history of power against other nations and diction of fix marriage among families or allies to engulf their sovereignty. After the Season I jumped into season 2 then on season 3, and finally waiting for season 4. 

I don’t want to elaborate the whole story; I just want to give complement to the writers, actors, and director of this TV Series.  After watching the Season 1, 2 and 3, I was inspired of being independent in my own decision. To choose what I wanted towards my sexual reference. It also emulates the status quo of politics. Corruption and Betrayal among leaders.  Traitor and scum to protect one’s dignity and glory.

This TV Series divulge gay relationship exist during that era. That love among men is usual, it’s not a mortal sin, it’s not psychological disorder. It’s just the way of expressing the true meaning of love with no boundaries. That love means power.  I wish I live in that era; maybe I just want to feel the same feeling of being loved by other man. Yes, I’m gay and I proud of it.  Lastly, I excited for the coming season 4, I really can wait because I’m a certified big fan!