Sunday, December 1, 2013

Divisoria Bazaar – For all walks of Life

Divisoria is one of the well-known bazaars in the Philippines and it’s located in the heart of manila. Last Saturday (November 30, 2013) I went to Divisoria to buy some gifts for myself and for my  family and friends. Since I was in college, I love to go to Divisoria because of its diverse fashion for less outfits, glamorous house decors with conviction, affordable price for kids toys and other merchandises.   Since then and going forward I noticed most of the retailers are Chinese with Filipino sales lady or store assistant, Outside the 999 mall and 168 mall are Filipino Merchants, Koreans also invaded the 999 mall with their finest Korean garments and fancy shoes.

Note that this flea market also offers price down healthy fruits like oranges, apples, grapes etc. For apples the general price is Php. 100.00 for big 4 pieces or per bunch; grapes is Php. 30.00 per ½ kilo; Oranges is  Php. 50.00 for 4 pieces, etc.

Here are some price scheme references if you go to Divisoria:
1.       Slippers- Php.  35.00- Php 100.00 depends on the class and design of slipper
2.       Shoes-    Php.  300.00- Php 600.00 mimic shoes, Marikina shoes, imitated shoes
3.       Sando-    Php.  50.00- Php 150.00 (free size), or 3  pieces for Php. 150.00
4.       Polo Shirt- Php.  200.00- Php 280.00 for class A imitated Abercrombie
5.       Wrist Watch-  Php. 50.00- 150.00 Havanias class A  and other local brand
6.       Shorts- Php. 50.00-150.00 Board and Sport Shorts

Well just always remember when you go to Divisoria just prepare your tickler of items you wanted to buy because all good things will bombard in your shining eyes. Stay focus on what items you really mean to get and grab it that suits on your budget.