Monday, December 2, 2013

Star-Crossed Love_Indie Film

Indie film (Independent Film) caters local and International Cinema. Filipinos also showcase their talents not only in the Philippines but also in the whole world of cinematography.  This kind of film explicit reality in our society.   When I was in 4th year college I was hooked in this kind of film because its tackles social taboos, politics, teenage sex, morality, religion, gay, prostitutes, social norms and poverty.

One of the indie film that I really love is entitled “ LAPIT NA ME, LIGO NA U” it was first published from a book same title as to Indi film. This book was written by Eros Atalia.  I remember the day that I read this book in National Bookstore Gateway cubao, it is sealed with a plastic cover but I slit it and open the plastic cover and silently reading the book at the book shelve. I was standing the around 5th lines of surrounded bookshelves around every corner of the store.  Honestly, I don’t have the money to buy the book so the next day I remember the page where I stopped then its time continue in reading this book. Until I came to the final pages that break my heart.  There’s no closure. Unfortunately, the chapter 2 of the book was not there, maybe there’s no stock available, or maybe the clerk noticed me that I’m reading it secretly so they hide on the other shelves or floor. 

Same with film it captures every idea or theme that the book wanted to imply. Love, sex, family, perks, friendship, religion and beliefs. This film is like a FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS Filipino version, but I might say that this film give its own direction. It incarcerates the idea of love with no label and closure. That love among teenagers has no label at all. The love doesn’t need tag to say that you’re belonging to each other. Physical union and oneness of body is great without asking a question how great it is. Lastly, I hope the second book would also narrated into motion picture/ Indi film.