Sunday, December 8, 2013

Acne 101 version 2.0

Acne is one my problem during my puberty stage, but until now still it exists. I just want know on how to control or eliminate this acne blemishes and scars. I used commercial products like ponds, dove and eskinol  but nothing happens. I’m very conscious on my face I think it’s very sensitive but I continually do self medication. It’s the wrong way that I did in my life, to do things without proper knowledge on how to cure this acne.

Last month I consult I dermatologist in Borough medical clinic at Eastwood Quezon city.  The Doctor said, my acne was not severe at all, it was already healed and all I need is to eliminate those acne marks. And she suggested to use cream or lotion that contains SPF during morning and at night use whitening cream.  I wish this SPF and whitening cream will be my answered prayer.  Aside from that the doctor agreed that I may still continue to used Celeteque Facial wash and Moisturizer.

Book @ Php. 25.00 (National Book Store)

Along with my curiosity and search for acne resolution, I go to National Book Store Gateway Cubao Branch to find a book about acne. This store used an automated computer to locate the specific subject that you need. Luckily, they have one available book for only Php. 25.00. This book contains information that you need about pimples, the author also provide home remedies or Do it yourself medication.