Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vote Buying

Such a rip-off Saturday!  Yesterday I reached our house as early as 6:00pm. Apparently, as I open   our television  a  bombarded news  flash on the screen.  “Vote buying “arises in province of zambonga as per media and local policeman pondered. How can our country elevate poverty if we chase to do this erroneous action? How can we say if a politician deserves his victory if he buys votes?  How can we promote our industry if we still stick on this activity? I don’t agree on this activity it shows a form of cowardice, shamefulness and covetousness. If we want a decent election this coming May 2013 we fight for it.  For me, The Politician that Im going to vote is the one with good moral and social interaction among marginalized sector in our society, eloquent leadership, excellent public service and god fearing.
Lastly,  vote wisely cause our leaders will lead us to a productive future. 

BPO- Rise and Shine

We Filipinos are good in English, we Filipinos are versatile, We Filipinos are vulnerable. Arising BPO company immerse Filipino Community.  It gives job opportunity, developmental exposure to foreign culture, diverse social media interaction.   After I graduated last May 2012, I never thought I will enter in BPO company, though some of my friends already ingress in this business industry they say they enjoy the bubbly community.   Yes, I do agree! I felt like my workmates are my friends or a family,   no such stressful mind breaking activities. Just relax and flaunt yourself.  That’s the way it is.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mothers Day

A very special day.  A tribute to the most beautiful, hardworking and gorgeous girl in our house. No kidding, I really admire my mom for being such a good role model in our family. My dream is to be like her, not totally physical but the way she stand up with her decisions, financial budgeting, proper allocation of financial needs, cooking and of course an endless love for her children. I wish my mother would read this post, I know she will be proud of me in near future. Through ups and downs- I love you Mom!

Monday, May 6, 2013


irene is yu me to

First Blow!

First day of something good. Something I can't imagine!  Today I created my blog account  for just one reason  to express my self. I want to show who I'm, my beliefs and aesthetics.  Every day is a hectic  experience but I do believe I can be a blogger!