Saturday, September 21, 2013

Design 101

Since I was 7 years old, I want to be a fashion designer, I draw a lot of sketches on back of my notebook, I was hooked with fashion magazines, project Runway seasons, clothing apparel, designers name, and everything about fashion. Then here I am  22 years old, chasing my on destination in field of dressmaking. I decided to enter in this industry to achieve missing part of my life. Who knows I can make it or even failed with it? Just a simple thread, pin, patterns, fabric, and sewing machine and all my worries fade away. Its a little hard to enter into dressmaking making course while you are working, it comes with conflict of schedule, stress and month end reports. But I believed that everything conspire us to do what ever we want makes me motivated. I prove them right, the fruit of 2 months was end to a runway. A small room that made my dream come true... The dress that I made plus  I wore during our mini fashion show.