Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Beauty with the Purpose

Philippines joined the Miss world since 1966. This year we nailed it, Ms. Megan Young crowned as the new princess of Miss World 2013 held at Indonesia. She’s also the first ever Filipino crowned the international title. This is amazing because this is the first time in the history that Indonesia open their country for this one of kind opportunity. And Filipino also jived in this history. During pre-pageant, candidates are challenge in different aspects like sport, fashion modeling, promotions on social media, talent portion and photo shoot. After all this challenges, Ms. Megan ranked as top 1 among other beautiful contestant. She also hailed as best Top Model during the Fashion Show.
Beauty with the purpose is hard to define. If we look into different perspective, I can see that beauty is kindness, promotions and core values. Kindness to reach out what the organization believed with, to exercise humanity as its fullest, to provide neat water to Haiti community, to educate people on proper hygiene, to help the other country who needs medical and dental attention. Promotion is one effective marketing strategy to hear what the organizations wanted to say to the world. And using Social Medias is the effective way. I like the concept of this year pageant, they posted their clamor on facebook  to help endangered species of Indonesia. Through this people in the world they can see what really happen in our ecosystem, unbalance habitat, destructed forest and deforestation. Lastly, core values of the organization, this is the most momentous attitude that a Miss World (MW) should embody. If you push on what you believe for, this core values moves you on what you can help and achieve for the organization. And that core values nailed by Ms. Megan at the question and answer portion on why she is suits to become a Miss World 2013.

Moreover, as an ordinary individual, I was hypnotized on this pageant not only because they are beautiful but the concept and principles of this competition. That’s why this contest rock the world because of their kindness that reveals within, the willingness to help who’s on need, morale that uplifts humanity and beauty that adage amazing girl power!.