Monday, October 7, 2013

The Wedding of an Awesome Girl!

Lovely Bride and Emcee

Isn’t she beautiful? Wearing a sacred dress of every woman wanted to wear.  Beautiful dress tells a story of love and compassion. Dress that start a new chapter of her life. She really wanted to make this night so perfect and memorable; no one can ruin a fated ceremony of one in lifetime experience, happily I was part of the wedding and reception ceremony.  She’s my former colleague in our previous company. She’s very kind and humble to everyone regardless of the hierarchical position and she always smile that makes her beautiful.   We’ve been friends/ acquaintance for almost 8 months, before I resigned at the company I assured to her that I will be at her wedding day.

 Thanks to her my talent was shown as the Emcee (Master of Ceremony) at her Reception ritual. This is my very first time to be a  host of a formal gathering, it’s nerve rocking experience but I do believe I will make it because she trust in me. Happily I made up to the end of the ritual. I saw the happiness and tears at her. But I would say best wishes my friend, a very strong and lovable woman!  Your husband was so lucky because your exceptional and one in a million. I wish you more children and eternal happiness and contentment.

Date: May 25, 2013

Location: Estuart Farm, Binagonan Rizal