Monday, October 7, 2013

Daranak Falls-Rock!

The Majestic Waterfalls

This is a perfect gateway against smoky, polluted, beat of loud music of metro manila. Calling all nature lovers come on and go pack your things right now!  This is limitless opportunity to witness its gracious creation. This is my 2nd time to be in Daranak Falls. My first one when I was 4th year college (2012). And that time I decided to go back here because I’m a big fun of this wonderful picturesque. All my stress was gone when I reach the falls. The water fall downs like a massage on your body. Like a magic that creates a sweetest feeling.
For all adventurers all over the world, you can reach the Daranak Falls even when commuting public vehicles. From Antipolo Church( Philippines) you will start your journey here. You can first drop by at the miraculous Our Lady of good Voyage for safe trip. Then, ride a tricycle going to Shopwise (usually Php.25.00 fee). Then, go down and ride a Jeepney, the route is Tanay Palangke (usually Php. 30.00) after you reach the final station then ride a tricycle going to Daranak falls. (usually Php. 100.00) this is  a full pack ride. Daranak Falls opens Monday-Sunday from 8am-4pm only.

Balancing Stones

Aside from the very relaxing waterfalls,   you will also witness a fabulous Balancing Stones, every guess/visitors created their version of balancing stone. This is how you make your own trade mark that other photographer wanted to capture.  Well, don’t worry on where to find these precious stone because it’s all around the corner. It’s free and very recreational. When I was there, I witnesses that mostly people go there with their families and friends; some are motorist, and also few foreigners. 

So friends, lets rock our summer or even special holidays on this exciting nature adventure.!