Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hello Bohol- Chocolate Hills

Top of the Hill

After 21 years of my existence, finally my footsteps are here in Bohol. I and my friends decided to go in this wonderful place. My friend Julie Aligor lived here together with his boyfriend, they invited me to their place for a free accommodation plus a trip to Chocolate Hills, I grabbed it like so badly because Im on state of soul searching, not because  I’m unemployed  nor broken hearted but because I’m seeking for the right path for my career. Yes, I’m employed but after a few months a feel tired, unmotivated, unworthy and uncoordinated. I heard negative feedbacks but I don’t care         as long as a do my job accordingly. Some people drag me down but I stand alone and proved them I was not stubborn.

Here I’m staring the beautiful creation of dear Lord! I scream!!!! Words never heard before. I’m not stupid! I’m worthy! I’m just a human being sometimes made mistakes. Feels like my soul running in my veins, all my angst was released. After that it is relief feeling! I was renewed, a feel like a brand new product, a new glowing flower.

This chance is exceptional, I don’t have to waste my time on negative thoughts,  I believed I was renewed , so it’s time to  break down all the positive vibes.  Seeing the beautiful chocolates is natural incomparable, upon walking you will amaze with the very green and glowing hills that are perfectly arranged. The distance of each hill seems so near to each other.  Like a friend to each to other that creates harmonious relationship. This one thing that I can be proud of; though I not own it at least our country has something to be proud of.

Make a Wish!

Aside from the famous hills, you will also see a big bell on the top of the highest hill that we are standing. This bell is also exciting because every visitors will throw a piece of coin on the wishing well then you will ring the bell, this is traditional way if you want to wish a simple thing in this place. Why not to have a wish? There’s nothing wrong in trying.

Lastly, this escapade was not an ordinary vacation. I feel new again. With help of the beautiful scenes I able to find myself.