Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday-Oh Sunday!

It’s a Sunday.  Family day. A day to renew my spirit.  A time for reflection.  A time to watch movie. A time to clean my room. The most momentous is to go to church. But it’s an irony.  Sunday is something I don’t like the most of day. I feel like I’m a walking dead. I just want to sleep all day long. I’m tired to get up, to eat, to clean my room, to wash the dishes, and to go to church.  It’s just a tradition of our society to go to church every Sunday. I pray but not always, I trust and believed in God, but not always, I’m not atheist, I’m not a true Christian. I have my own believe. I believed in the holy bible. I believe in holy trinity. But I don’t believe in relics and statues around the church. 

So far as I know I’m a catholic but my heart is not 100% devoted in catholic principles, law and admiration. I just feel God inside me, I don’t see him physically but I know every day in my life I feel him. I feel his presence. I feel his glorious power in such unpredictable ways. We have our own belief, culture and tradition but mine is unique.  Maybe it’s my own understanding in such way bible is a meaningful piece of revelation. My advice is to read the bible cover by cover, page by page, words by words, verse by verse and chapter by chapter. And you will close to reality. Amen!