Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunday that never sleep!

It’s awkward why I can’t sleep early at 10:00pm. I should go to sleep earlier because I have to report early tomorrow at 7:00am in the office.  Suddenly it’s magic. I decided to turn on the television. Over this week all news reportedly covers the typhoon Haiyan.  This is havoc typhoon washed out shelters, crops, lives and industries. As I turned on  the tv abs-cbn(channel 2) gives a tribute to all the victims of typhoon. An all-star concert that all proceeds will be added on Sagip Kapamilya Fund. This is a very clever program to rebuild the spirit of hope and trust to all Filipinos. Unselfish way to ease the pain and trauma of unexpected calamity.   Then, I feel sleepy. Its  11:34pm,  better time to go bed.